Odor Control Products

Odor Control Products provided by Air One, Inc. are engineered with a variety of components to suit your requirements. Our odor control systems are manufactured to meet a variety of requirements (EPA, OSHA, etc.) based upon your specific situation. Air One odor control systems are modular, easily maintained and economical.  Air One has a line of deodorizers including surface deodorizing agents and air deodorizing agents.  We offer a water soluble odor control treatment agent and product.  This is a portable unit that can be plugged into your power source and comes equipped with a 500 gallon water tank.

  • Easy to use and minimal maintenance
  • Most area coverage available
  • Compared to a perimeter misting system, this product has the ability to use up to 80% less chemical treatment concentrate

Air and surface odor eliminators.

Air One Inc is a leading distributor for deodorization and odor control chemicals and products.  As a company, we have the support of a large and diverse manufacturing base which provides a vast selection of odor removal solutions.  Air One, Inc offers clients the best possible products for your industrial and commercial odor problems.

Odor Control Products | Misting and Filtration Systems

High Pressure Odor Control Products 
High pressure odor control products & dust control systems assist with the treatment of airborne dust and odor molecules.

Disc Fans for Odor Control
Practical and economical alternative for odor and dust suppression in recycling facilities and smaller transfer stations.

Portable Odor Control Systems
These units are designed for use in remote areas where a conventional system can not achieve the desired results.

Odor Control Products & Solutions

Air One also offers odor control products and solutions in liquid form that are designed to neutralize odors and mask them.